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We are a unique dog training company in that we are a teaching company, meaning while we work with working, sport and pet dogs, we use our programs to help prepare new and future trainers with the skills, techniques and tools they need to best serve their communities.

We offer clients advanced programs that are unlike any others, giving new and future trainers, and dog owners and handlers alike, a unique experience that is set up to prepare them for anything ahead.

Mahogany's experience as a paramedic in the busy urban city of San Francisco,

her decade of high level corporate management, and the multitude of opportunities she had to apprentice with and work for some of the most experienced trainers in the country uniquely prepared her to help usher in new modes of training owners and handlers, dogs, and trainers.

Mahogany's personal dogs have helped her understand both the challenges and joys others face with high energy and high drive dogs, and allow her to put a personal touch on all of the work she does with clients.

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Our teaching academy is geared toward new and future trainers who are looking for a solid place to start and get the real world education that they need. We provide trainers with information on various training techniques and tools, as well as practical applications for those techniques and tools. We also coach trainers on how to best serve their clients and communities, and how to start, build and manage successful dog training businesses.


Through a motivation-based training approach, we help owners learn to communicate most effectively with their dogs and to build mutual understanding. While we have experience with dogs of all ages and temperaments, we specialize in training puppy to adolescent dogs, the more challenging the better.

Our dogs have improved in ways we never dreamed possible.... There aren’t many people I would trust with my pets implicitly, but I have absolute faith in her.
— Emily Kupprion-Khan


We provide training and coaching for working dog handlers and owners with significant commitment to train their dogs for and compete in sports. We take a motivation-based approach to training and work to find the perfect balance of motivation, drive and control in each dog that we work with. We work with handlers and owners on building rock solid and reliable bonds with their dogs.


We provide limited dog walking services to clients in Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda. Walks are 90 minutes, done with dogs off leash, and are intended to be for both exercise and training. Our walkers are excellent handlers and well experienced in managing and training groups of dogs. (We currently have a waiting list for dog walking)



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