Our Mission:


We give families the inspiration and tools they need to raise the dogs of their dreams. Whether raising a puppy, bringing in a newly adopted dog, raising a competition dog, or modifying serious behaviors, effective and lasting dog training begins with feeling inspired and empowered.


Our Services

Our services include puppy training, socialization, sport dog training, general problem solving, and behavior modification, including aggression. We provide private training programs and board and train programs.

Our Clients


Our clients are people who believe in their dog’s potential and are determined to see that potential emerge. Most clients live in the Bay Area, including Oakland, Berkeley, and Contra Costa county. Clients have also sent their dogs from across the U.S. for extended training visits.


Our Philosophy

We coined the term Integrated Dog Training to describe our training philosophy. We are primarily reward based trainers, and reward is used to teach and clarify behaviors. Once dogs have a thorough understanding of what is expected, we advocate for the fair and thoughtful use of pressure to strengthen behaviors. That said, every dog is looked at as an individual and we don’t use cookie-cutter approach to every program.

Our Programs

We offer services for pet dog owners, sport dog enthusiasts, and trainers alike. Our programs are personally tailored to each family’s needs, and training is done in a multitude of environments to give the dogs a well-rounded education.


We provide pet dog training for puppies and dogs of any age. We can teach owners how to engage and train their own dog, or dogs can spend some time living with us in a home environment to work on socialization, basic manners, basic obedience or advanced obedience. In these programs we can also address nuisance behaviors.


Our sport dog training programs are focused on nosework and scent detection, AKC sports, and ringsports. For those who want to do more with their dogs or whose dogs need a foundation in any of the above sports, we have programs to meet your needs. These include handler training, nosework instruction, advanced obedience, bitework for ringsport, and any other needs.


This program is for puppies or dogs that are reactive or aggressive and need more intensive training. We can help families whose dogs are terrors on leash, who have exhibited aggression toward other animals or people, and even dogs with bite histories. We have had incredible success with our behavior modification programs.


Our programs for trainers include group courses and private instruction for both new and experienced trainers. Local trainers can work with us, trainers from other parts of the country can come to work with us, and we can also visit trainers and do shadow programs at your facility.


Our Team

Mahogany is a dog trainer with a wide array of experience. Having learned from some of the most accomplished and successful dog trainers in U.S. history, she has found fun and inspiring ways to bring that knowledge to Bay Area dog owners and dog trainers across the country alike. Her team includes her dogs Kayo, Remy, Hottie, Lexie, and Seven. They bring as much to her creativity and training process as she does, and she can’t imagine living the life of helping dogs without them.


march 2017

Cookie, my German Shepherd, loves Mahogany. It’s literally impossible to calm her down once she sees Mahogany. I always get nervous that one day she won’t want to come home with me :)

I am so thankful for all the love, goodness and wisdom that is shared with me about raising a happy, healthy and well-behaved pup. I wouldn't trade that in for the world.

shawana and cookie