Here are just a few reviews from some of our favorite clients!

october 2018

If you’re looking for help with your dog’s obedience, socialization, manners AND you’re also looking to understand your dog better, you’re not just looking for any dog trainer, you’re looking for Mahogany. She’s an expert on leash reactivity and dog/dog and dog/people socialization. She is also the best at motivating dogs using play and rewards so that the training is something you can both look forward to. Mahogany is a trainer that other trainers learn from and train their dogs with! She’s got an outstanding ability to see perspectives that other people miss. If you’ve already tried a couple of trainers and feel ready to give up because you really did what they said and it just isn't working out - call Mahogany. She really is amazing. She can diagnose where your dog’s issues are stemming from and help you get on the right track and stay there. She has the ability to motivate and she’s also super on point when it comes to helping you understand and achieve what you need to do to help your dog in the situations where they’re really struggling. Whenever I feel like I'm lacking judgment with my dog’s behavior, if I'm struggling with a situation that I really want my dog to do well in, she’s my go to person and her training always helps!

Eleanor and Wyatt



Septemer 2017

Mahogany was wonderful. Our year-and-a-half dog was wonderful, but had an uncontrollable prey-drive problem and lunging at people, other dogs, bikes, and the door. Some of my family were afraid to take him for walks. Other trainers had not been very helpful. Fortunately, one suggested Mahogany. She immediately understood the situation and worked with us in a very structured manner to train us to know how to help our dog learn to control himself and make good decisions. I highly recommend Infinite K9 and Mahogany!!

john and archie



october 2016

I gotta agree with what everyone else has said. 5++ stars.
Mahogany is actually the BEST.  We were a hot hot mess before she started working with us to train our dogs, and let's be honest, we’re still a hot mess but the dogs are NOT!
Our dogs have improved in ways we never dreamed possible. They recently graduated from Mahogany’s training and into Pack Walks. We’re already hooked on Pack walks and cannot wait to schedule more of them. 
There aren’t many people I would trust with my pets implicitly, but I have absolute faith in her and do not worry about my dogs when they’re in her care.  
I recommend her highly!

emily, maybee, and big boo



July 2017

Mahogany is amazing! Our puppy loves her and so do we. We had serious biting issues with our puppy and 10 days with Mahogany - as we had to go on holidays - and our puppy has come back with no more biting and wonderful socializing skills. Highly recommend her!

Sinead, Ava, and Bo



february 2016

Few people in the Bay Area can match Mahogany for her dedication to dogs, nor her skill as a handler and trainer. Consider yourself (and your best friend) lucky to have her. Mahogany understands dog behavior and communication; she “reads” my dog Hiro better than I can, and often offers advice and tips when she sees room for improvement (usually on my side!).

Janet and Hiro



november 2018

Mahogany is an excellent trainer who really understood dogs and how best to engage them so both dogs and humans are relaxed comfortable and happy!

robin, obie, and cece